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Kids events

Kids events

Organizing a kids event from Very Berry

Birthday is the most magical holiday of all when you’re a kid!
Children and their parents tell us about their wishes, and we, as any good magicians would do, make them come true.
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Why are we?

Why are we?

Why are we?
We love holidays
Every holiday can be compared to a movie with a unique concept and its own plot . And the stars of this movie are you, our dear clients.
Why are we?
A professional team
We learn a lot, we travel and seek for inspiration and ideas around the world in order to make your events topical and up -do-date . This is very important.
Why are we?
We are reliable and we care
Our services have been thoroughly tested for quality . Because our clients are always very demanding . And we never cease to move forward.
Why are we?
We are your confidence
With us you’ll learn that preparations for an event can be exceptionally pleasant . And during your holiday you’ll forget about all the organizational matters completely.
Why are we?


Superheroes birthday party
Organizing a kids event

Organizing a kids event

A child’s birthday is a magical event. Children believe in miracles, and that may be the reason why they happen to them all the time. We create fairytales for our little friends with great joy and inspiration. Because no fairytale occurs out of nowhere, it’s always planned and devised by someone. Our magic team always goes the extra mile in order to create vivid and exciting fairytales for our birthday boys and girls. And by the way, our storylines always have hidden moral messages.
Custom-tailored scripts for children’s events
Our entertainment programmes will get your kids truly excited: thoroughly and individually designed, extraordinary and non-conventional, with all your child’s wishes taken in account. We create holidays where your children’s dreams come true.
Various themes for children’s events
Any characters from fairytales and cartoons, disco parties, journeys throughout the Galaxy, Formula 1 races, fairytale reading, backyard parties, holidays in kindergartens, in private houses, movie-parties for future actresses and fascinating quests for 12+ year olds.
Brain-boosting games and activities
Learning and puzzle solving can be fascinating and exciting if wrapped up in holiday mood and topnotch entertainment. After such events children become more quick-witted and get interested in many new things, making their parents proud of their kids.
Children’s quests
What can be more exciting and thrilling than unraveling mysteries together as a team, leaving rivals many steps behind? And what about wild dances, group speed-selfies, Instagram competitions, competitive face control and many other things? For kids who think they’re too old for games and kids’ shows, quests is a great option!
The best emcees and entertainers
Our emcees are professional, they genuinely love children, know how to work with them, and they always have something good to teach the kids.
Fairytale characters
Our entertainers sincerely love their job, and certainly can find approach to any child.
Cartoon character mascots
Please check costume availability in advance. Our mascot artists always work in beautiful and neat high-quality costumes.
Incredible scenery
Any themed event must be complemented by the right decorations and environment. This helps create the right atmosphere and helps the guests adapt to the theme of the event quickly enough. Such holidays are immensely exciting and they are certainly remembered for years.
Design kids birthday

Design kids birthday

Rearranging the space and creating the atmosphere for children’s events is, of course, desirable. Especially if the event is themed. Using the right scenery, we can make your birthday fairytale come alive! And the more atmosphere you create, the more magic and excitement there is!
Additional services

Additional services

Active holiday format
Original candy bars styled for any party theme
As well as popcorn bars and fresh bars
Creating a film about the child
Always adored by guests and remains in the family archive for years
Emotional gifts
Gifts for people who already have “everything”
LCD screens for children’s events
Video decorations are essential for a modern holiday event
Outdoor event format
Why not change the location and take your guests outdoors/to a museum/ to the mountains/ to the seashore/ etc.
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