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Private events

Private events

Organizing a private event from Very Berry

Birthdays, jubilees, wedding anniversaries, Christenings, after-birth parties, surprise parties, baby showers (which are gaining popularity in our country) and many other events.
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Why are we?

Why are we?

Why are we?
We love holidays
Every holiday can be compared to a movie with a unique concept and its own plot . And the stars of this movie are you, our dear clients.
Why are we?
A professional team
We learn a lot, we travel and seek for inspiration and ideas around the world in order to make your events topical and up -do-date . This is very important.
Why are we?
We are reliable and we care
Our services have been thoroughly tested for quality . Because our clients are always very demanding . And we never cease to move forward.
Why are we?
We are your confidence
With us you’ll learn that preparations for an event can be exceptionally pleasant . And during your holiday you’ll forget about all the organizational matters completely.
Why are we?


Organizing a private event

Organizing a private event

Developing holiday concepts and unique scenarios
Every hero of the occasion deserves a unique holiday. Vivid, personal, beautiful, memorable. An entire team of professionals is ready to make an astounding holiday for you, and make it only about you. We always find bold and unexpected win-win solutions!
Devising holiday-themed printing materials
Creating sketches, design layouts, producing invitation cards, seat labels, banners, scenery, photo shooting zones for the guests. Variety of styles and latest trends in design.
Emcees, artists, DJs
Skilled and professional, experienced in working with the audience, the best of the best.
Celebrity booking
Invite your favorite celebrities to your event, such as popular singers or TV hosts. We’ll operatively manage celebrity booking matters, including the technical rider, repertoire, fees, the performance duration. All the celebrities are available for your event!
Event coordination
The odds of forgetting and not accounting for something are equal to zero when we’re in charge. For this very purpose our manager is always within reach at any hour of the day, throughout the whole preparation process.
Tech support of the event
Lighting, sound and stage equipment, visual effects, LCD panels, creating exclusive video content for events.
Video production
Producing short length comedy movies, livecast on LCD panels or surprise videos prepared beforehand, or maybe even an SDE film - a film shot within the day of the event and then edited before its ending, which would be exciting and interesting for your guests to watch before desserts are served.
Photo and video shooting for your event
Photos and videos are essential parts of any occasion. They’ll help you get immersed into the holiday atmosphere and smile again years after. And sincere smiles are known to prolong one’s life!
Preparing surprises (with your guests)
When guests are willing to prepare a surprise, but don’t know how to impress the hero of the day, our team will gladly help them create a unique gift for him or her!
Services for the guests
Meeting, accommodation, entertaining programs and city tours for guests who arrived for the occasion, so they could fully enjoy their time visiting you.
Design a private event

Design a private event

Developing event interior concept and rearranging event venues. Event location decoration
Our team creates astounding decor. It’s a space within a space, which will be comfortable for your guests to be in, and which will set a tone for the whole event.
We professionally analyze and then masterfully complement the advantages of the venue, making it exceptionally appealing for your event.
Scenery manufacturing
Any holiday that is complemented by the right visualization and atmosphere is a holiday that will not be forgotten. Scenery creates unique atmosphere. Because of it guests are able to adapt to the theme quickly, and the holiday gains momentum really fast. Such holidays are immensely exciting and they’re remembered for years.
Floristic services
Flower compositions for the guests’ tables, the entrance zone, stage, ceiling decoration - floristic constructions of any level of complexity and configuration. Your guests will be delighted!
Additional services

Additional services

Emotional gifts
Gifts for people who already have “everything”
Love confession / Marriage proposal
She’ll definitely say YES
Organizing wedding anniversaries
The best moments experienced again
Organizing the repeated Solemn Ceremony
A touching event, bringing you back to the most important
Original bachelor and bachelorette parties
As a way to organize a Birthday party
Outdoor event format
Why not change the location and take your guests outdoors/to the mountains/to a sauna/to the seashore/to a warmer climate/ etc.
Original candy bars styled for any party theme
As well as popcorn bars, whisky bars, champagne bars, organic bars
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