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Corporate events

Organizing a corporate event from Very Berry

We know how to make your corporate event an unforgettable success! And one more essential detail: we know how to fit a holiday into the desired budget.
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Why are we?

Why are we?

Why are we?
We love holidays
Every holiday can be compared to a movie with a unique concept and its own plot . And the stars of this movie are you, our dear clients.
Why are we?
A professional team
We learn a lot, we travel and seek for inspiration and ideas around the world in order to make your events topical and up -do-date . This is very important.
Why are we?
We are reliable and we care
Our services have been thoroughly tested for quality . Because our clients are always very demanding . And we never cease to move forward.
Why are we?
We are your confidence
With us you’ll learn that preparations for an event can be exceptionally pleasant . And during your holiday you’ll forget about all the organizational matters completely.
Why are we?


Organizing a corporate event

Organizing corporate events

We organize company jubilees, corporate New Year parties, presentations, opening ceremonies, conferences. Corporate events can be quite different and each type requires different kind of approach, understanding and professionalism. Everything should be organized flawlessly, all the means must be justified and all the procedures ought to be carried out professionally. Our team of professionals will take responsibility for your event’s organization and will perform it masterfully!
Developing original themes of events
Any themed event must be complemented by the right decorations and environment. This helps create the right atmosphere and helps the guests adapt to the theme of the event quickly enough. Such holidays are immensely exciting and they are certainly remembered for years.
Finding the right locations for events
Restaurants on the seashore, summer and winter venues, convenient banquet halls, venues in the downtown area, terraces, beautiful suburban venues, pavilions, yachts. Odessa, Kiev, or any other city of Ukraine and abroad.
The best emcees and entertainers
Skilled and professional, experienced in working with the audience, the best of the best.
Quality shows programmes
When we develop show scenarios for corporate events, we always find new and unexpected solutions. They always work out great and get positive feedback.
Celebrity booking
Invite your favorite celebrities to your event, such as popular singers or TV hosts. We’ll operatively manage celebrity booking matters, including the technical rider, repertoire, fees, the performance duration. All the celebrities are available for your event!
LCD panels and technical support for the event
Lighting, sound and stage equipment, visual effects, LCD panels, creating exclusive video content for events.
Photo and video shooting for your event
Photos and videos are essential parts of every corporate party. They’re not only eagerly anticipated by your colleagues and the guests of the party. They are the witnesses of your company’s history.
Team building events

Team building events

Management of every successful company surely know that team building is crucial for the company’s success. It involves recreation, training and cultivation of the team spirit, helping lay the foundation of future achievements and victories of the team.
Team building is an out-of-door event specifically elaborated for your company.
We can assure you that team building can be a fascinating, thrilling and humorous adrenaline injection for your team!
Our team building programs involve elements of active team games, creativity, and, of course, healthsome and exciting outdoor recreation.
Team building from VERRY BERRY EVENT is an array of author’s ideas and activities developed by our team specifically for the needs and peculiarities of your company. It’s always creative ideas, immense excitement, passion for competition, and astounding atmosphere of the event!
And our secret of success is that after the event your employees and colleagues will feel like after a vacation, not a working day. They will gratefully recall this precious and thrilling time spent together, and boldly strive for new achievements with enthusiasm and motivation!


Presentation is a moment when a new product is officially born and introduced to the public. It only happens once, that’s why you have no room for mistakes.
Presentation isn’t just another reason to hold a reception for your clients. A professionally organized presentation should leave a vivid imprint in your guests’ memory, give them powerful emotions that will last long, and, of course, motivate them to buy your product! We’ve got a broad arsenal of efficient methods and ideas for presentations, vast experience in planning and organization of events for big companies.
Design a corporate event

Design a corporate event

Corporate events decoration is for businesses that care about their reputation. A company’s jubilee, a presentation, a launch of a new brand - your event will become particularly atmospheric and memorable if you decide to seek for services of professional decorators and designers.
Our team creates astounding decor. It’s a space within a space, which will be comfortable for your guests to be in, and which will set a tone for the whole event. We professionally analyze and then masterfully complement the advantages of the venue, making it exceptionally appealing for your event.
Scenery manufacturing
Any holiday that is backed up with the right visualization and atmosphere is a holiday that will not be forgotten. Scenery creates unique atmosphere. Because of it guests are able to adapt to the theme quickly, and the holiday gains momentum really fast. Such holidays are immensely exciting and they’re remembered for years.
Location zoning
We professionally analyze and then masterfully complement the advantages of the venue, making it exceptionally appealing for your event. Decorating separate zones of the venue, such as the entrance, the buffet, the seats zone, the dancefloor and the stage makes a holiday exceptionally atmospheric, and the location - comfortable and cozy.
Floristic services
Flower compositions for the guests’ tables, the entrance zone, stage, ceiling decoration - floristic constructions of any level of complexity and configuration. Your guests will be delighted!
Additional services

Additional services

Emotional gifts
Gifts for people who already have “everything”
Organizing surprises from company’s employees
The best performances and collaborations
Creating corporate films
When the creation process unites the team, and the result is an object of company’s pride
Original candy bars styled for any party theme
As well as popcorn bars, whisky bars, champagne bars, organic bars
LCD screens for your event
Video decorations are essential for a modern holiday event
Outdoor event format
Why not change the location and take your employees outdoors/to the mountains/to another country/to the seashore/to a warmer climate/ etc.


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