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Harvest Party
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The Harvest Party

Corporate event from Very Berry

In order to celebrate an anniversary of a company, the activity of which is directly related to sunflowers, we created a unique party concept - The Harvest Party. It took place in a wonderful place - in Odessa, at the seashore, in the “Plyazhnik” club. Lots of bright “harvest-themed” details decorated this marvelous event: creative bouquets, which boldly combined sunflowers and tomatoes with corn, next to authentic life buoys in dotted textile covers with branded red and white squared pattern. We also made curtains for the bar counter to turn it into a cozy Harvest-café, and, of course - bikes with flowers and shovels with rakes for the photo shooting spot. The Welcome drink zone was filled with saturated green hues, as the king of summer cocktails, Mojito, prevailed at this event! By the way, we used only organic materials for decoration: tight volume bunches of wheat, linen tablecloth, lively flowers, pushcarts with vegetables and a whole truck of hay!

But the main piece of decor was of course the warm sea and the beautiful people, who were being greeted by the “rural band” with flowery wreaths and straw hats as they were entering the club. A marvelous corporate party, which subsequently became traditional for this company.

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