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SMART presentation. Summer opening.

Corporate event from Very Berry

The new Smart - now even more refined, safe and eco-friendly, was presented in the new car showroom of the “Automobile House Odessa”.
The main features of the Smart served as an inspiration for us as we were developing the concept of the presentation. For instance, such feature as “eco-friendliness” was represented by green color dominating in the event’s design. We turned the car’s interior into a summer terrace with cozy deck chairs and palms! Bright, extraordinary and eco-friendly. It was summer after all!

Our design team developed brand style for the event - saturated, somehow resembling graffiti painting, it beautified the podium, the screen and the other zones and surfaces of the presentation, representing the “urbanism” of the car.
The atmosphere of summer was conveyed with help of deck chairs, large beach umbrellas, live palms, pretty girls in colorful dresses. There was also a “smart-picnic” nearby: buffet with german grilled sausages and different snacks (provided by the “Lustdorf” restaurant), and juicy summer cocktails.
Throughout the entire day the visitors participated in test-drives of Mercedes cars. The representatives of the “urban culture” were performing on the live green lawn nearby. The culmination of the day was a cheerful noisy “smart-parade”, where right after the performance of a groovy jazz-orchestra a set of brand new “Smart” beauties appeared.

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